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Last updated: 2 March 2008

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Kiwi Adventures—Snorkelling

Text Box: Published 2002
Raupo Books, an imprint of Penguin  New Zealand

This is a story book and guide to snorkelling all in one. Read the story of Joseph and his sister, Jessica, who are learning how to snorkel safely in their school pool, in preparation for a snorkelling trip to a local marine reserve.

Follow them as they learn to duck dive under the water, to communicate with hand signals underwater and all the dangerous creatures to avoid. They learn how to choose correctly fitting masks and snorkels. One the day they arrive at the reserve, they learn how to enter the water safely.

The books is both a story book and how to guide that tells about the preparation, excitement and adventure, of going snorkelling in the ocean for the first time. At the same time provides fact about snorkelling: how to clear you ears; safety tips; gear tips, etc in information boxes scattered throughout the book. The snorkelling book is filled with great photography illustrating all aspects of snorkelling. Photography was done at New Zealands most popular snorkelling location, Goat island Bay Marine reserve, in New Zealand. 

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Softcover, 24 pages

Recommended Price: NZ$ 12.99

ISBN Number: 186948729X

The story behind the book

In order to illustrate this book, we enlisted the support of a family of keen snorkellers. These fabulous kids were extremely fit and able, and loved outdoor activities.  But getting cold was always a mission. The girl character, called Jessica, in the book was in fact played by identical twins. They took turns getting warm, whilst their brother had to stay in the water all the time.

The book was photographed at Goat Island Bay, which is not far from where we live. It is a fantastic place to snorkel and dive. Because there are lots and lots of fish. This was New Zealand's very first marine reserve. Thirty or so years of protection have seen their numbers grow hugely.

Snorkelling is one of our favourite activities and learning how to snorkel safely is essential to really enjoy it.

Text Box: What reviewers have said.....
These two non-fiction titles are real gems...I loved the underwater  photographs in Snorkelling. The text is young reader friendly size, easily read and set out in manageable chunks.
The Marlborough Express

Two great NZ books for young adventurers. Superb photographs, simple text and excellent glossaries...
HB Today
Author and illustrator are well-respected writers and photographers on marine subjects. Their passion and experience for water sport show throughout this beautifully presented book.
Greymouth Evening Star