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Last updated: 16th of August 2011

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Photography Gallery

"Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, Red mullet fish at White island, New Zealand "Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, the Cod hole, underwater view of blue cod and diver. Piction. New Zealand."Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, coconut shoot afloat in Vava'u islands, Tonga"Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, pohutukawa flower underwater. New Zealand"Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, Golden snapper in Tie Dye Arch, Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand."Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, Vava'u, Tonga"Underwater Photographer" Darryl Torckler, NZ fur seals, Stewart island, New Zealand

Darryl's Photography

Darryl does a diverse range of photography, have a look through these galleries to see some of his work.

Contact Darryl for questions about the photographs, whether it be where or what or how it has taken.

If you would like art prints or would like some great photography to promote your products please contact Darryl



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