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Last updated: 2 March 2008

school of demosilles and a lone mado fish at poor knights islands darryl torckler's photo galleries

Underwater Wonders of New Zealand

Text Box: Published September 1999,
New Holland Publishers, New Zealand

Coffee table books about New Zealand are typically extraordinarily well illustrated; with beautiful scenery and fabulous places that appear isolated but are for the most part entirely accessible to both kiwis and visiting tourists alike. This book is no exception, highlighting some of the absolutely stunning coastal and underwater environments that New Zealand has to offer.

The large format of the book couple with exquisite design has resulted in a breathtaking array of these full colour photographs. It takes you on a photographic journey through some of New Zealand’s top diving locations, from North to South and including Three Kings Islands, White Island and Fiordland. The sites are grouped by geographical type-coastal, inshore islands, off-shore islands, as well as two chapters specifically dedicated to two underwater areas—The Poor Knights Islands and Fiordland—that are not only the stars of New Zealand's underwater environment but are regarded by many as world-class diving destinations.

A perfect gift for anyone who loves the sea, divers, snorkelers, sailors, or anyone who appreciates fantastic natural history photography.

Hardback with dustjacket, 112 pages

Recommended Price: NZ$ 39.99

ISBN Number: 9781877246166

The story behind the book

For many years, Darryl has been creating award-winning photographs from the rich underwater palette around New Zealand’s coastline. Many people would remark about the unbelievable colour and life depicted in his photographs. Those were the people who hadn’t been underwater to see for themselves. On the other hand, divers often remarked about his ability to capture what they had seen on their many dives.

We were preparing a book proposal for an illustrative book about The Poor Knights Islands, when New Holland Publishers approached us. Originally based in South Africa, New Holland had a backlist of gorgeous natural history coffee table books. Wanting to create an underwater book in New Zealand, they approached several key people in the dive industry, many of whom suggested Darryl.

Underwater Wonders was the first book we published and remains one of our favourites.

Text Box: What reviewers have said.....
At last there is a book showing the splendour of New Zealand's underwater environment. Superbly illustrated by award winning photographer, Darryl Torckler. 
Dive New Zealand Magazine

a lavishly illustrated guide to this underworld.
NATURE, October  2000; VOL 407
underwater wonders