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Last updated: 2 March 2008

underwater view of dusky dolphins off kaikoura, new zealand
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Choosing a Book for your Grandchildren

From the inside…

I swim very fast,

and have a great sense of smell.

And my big black eyes

let me see very well.

I like living alone,

But sometimes feel lonesome.

And my sharp pointy teeth

make me totally fearsome!

What Am I?


Species featured:


Dusky Dolphin

Hermit Crab

Humpback Whale

Mako Shark*


Red-billed Gull




Yellow-eyed Penguin

*answer to poem

Choosing a book that will be appreciated and become  well-loved by the whole family is sometimes difficult. Both of the What Am I? books are favorites amongst families. They can be read and enjoyed by all ages (from 4 upwards) and the fun guessing poems and questions that can involve the whole family.

Choose between the Bush and Marine one (click here or on the book cover for more information)

From the inside…

You’ll hear me quite clearly

when I fly by -


through the bright blue sky.

My beak is red,

my belly is white,

and my large open wings

are a colourful sight.

What Am I?


Species featured:








Puriri Moth

Stick Insect


Wood Pigeon*

*answer to poem

Text Box: How about a storybook about a boy and his grandmother, with a pacific theme that has an underlying message, yet doesn't preach?

The Stuck There Forever Boat tells the story of Tama, a young Pacific Island boy whose island home is sinking as a response of to global warming. He has two very steady influences in his live—his nanny and an old shipwreck that was wrecked during a stormy night. The same night that his grandmother was born. His nanny is refusing to leave their island, and Tama must find a way to convince her to leave.

This book touches on the concepts of climate change.
(click here or on the book cover to read more)
What am I? Bush what am I? Bush
What am I? what am I?
climate change climate change