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Last updated: 2 March 2008

darryl torcklerWhat am I?  marine What am I? Marine

A colourful introduction to some of the most interesting creatures that live in our New Zealand seas. Children have fun solving the rhyming puzzles and questions to learn about the intriguing lifestyles of: yellow-eyed penguin; hermit crab, humpback whale; starfish; mako shark; seaweed; dusky dolphin; octopus; red-billed seagull, albatross and the seahorse.

Beautifully illustrated with photography, including underwater photography.


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Paperback, 48 pages

Recommended Price: NZ$ 19.99

ISBN Number: 9781869487577

Text Box: Published  2003
Raupo Books, an imprint of Penguin New Zealand

The story behind the book

Learning doesn’t need to be boring.  Rhymes have always been part of learning and make complicated facts fun.  We have always been fascinated by some of the creatures we have encountered on dives and sought out some of the most unusual of these to share in this book, such as:

¨ Male seahorses carry their unborn babies in their tummies;

¨ Octopuses are very, very clever;

¨ Starfish have no eyes;



Text Box: What reviewers have said.....
A bright, colourful introduction to 11 living things dependant on the sea....A lively introduction for anybody, but particularly for younger children.
BRAT 2003, NZ Book Council
Stunning is an ideal gift for youngsters.
Carolyn Howden, Rodney Times
Gillian and Darryl Torckler have compiled a fascinating book that also sets a challenge... 
Taupo Times
The pictures are very real, like you are in the sea.
Yani Nicholson (age 7), Bay of Plenty Times