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Last updated: 2 March 2008

school of demosilles and a lone mado fish at poor knights islandstitle bar top dive sites

Top Dive Sites of New Zealand

Text Box: Published October 2008,
A Raupo book, Imprint of Penguin Books New Zealand

We have visited and documented forty of the very best of New Zealand's accessible dive sites. Each dive site is shown in full colour wide angle views to give you an excellent feel for the whole site and close-up photographs that document the detail and animals you might find there.

Each chapter (The Poor Knights, Northland, The Hauraki Gulf, Bay of Plenty & East Coast, Cook Straight, South Island & Stewart Island and Fordland) has an overview of the area; each dive site a fact box and description; there is a photographic guide to common marine species (88 fish, 57 invertebrates and 6 types of algae). Interesting geological, historical and animal facts are scattered throughout the book, completing the picture.

We take you diving beneath an active volcano; in the semi-darkness of Fiordlandís calm waterways; amongst dense schools of fish; with playful fur seals and amongst the spectacular archways of New Zealandís most famous marine reserve The Poor Knights Islands.

A book to guide you in choosing the best dive locations for yourself , or to remind you of your own New Zealand diving experience.

Paperback with plastic slip cover, 176 pages

Recommended Price: NZ$ 39.99

ISBN Number: 9780143010098

The story behind the book

Since the publication of our coffee table book, Underwater Wonders of New Zealand, many people have been asking us to produce a smaller, but equally colourful guide to New Zealandís best diving.† We decided the best option was a dive guide that served as both an information guide and also a colourful souvenir book. In order to include lots of colourful photographs, we have restricted the number of dive sites to forty. We think these are the VERY best of accessible diving New Zealand has to offer and most of them could be dived over and over again.

In order to make the book visually stimulating, we asked the publishers to include some large colour photographs. And in keeping with our aim of having an all-in-one book, we have also included a photographic species guide.

 What reviewers have said .....   

It's common knowledge that New Zealand is filled with stunning landscapes, but what lies beneath our waters is a less explored world. Authors Gillian & Darryl Torckler take readers on a graphic adventure through Neptunes playground. After reading each site, the only question is "how soon can I get there?" Boating New Zealand.

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